Young Dolp Net Worth

Young Dolph Net Worth

An American rapper, producer, and recording artist well known as Young Dolph’s net worth was $3 Million USD. Young Dolph tragically died on November 17, 2021. Age-wise, he was 36.

His seventh studio album, Rich Slave, was released in 2020 and became his highest-charting record, peaking at #49 on the Billboard 200. In this piece, we’ll tell you about Young Dolph’s earnings, salary, net worth, and a few more facts. Therefore, let’s start the celebration.

Early Life

On July 27, 1985, Adolf Robert Thornton Jr. was born in the gritty streets of Chicago, Illinois. At the age of two, he relocated to Memphis, Tennessee, with his family. His two brothers and he were raised by their grandmother because his parents were drug addicts. 

Before graduating in 2023, Adolf donated nearly $25,000 to Hamilton High School while he was a student there. 

He had a difficult upbringing, and rap gave him a way to express his frustrations. He never attended college, but after high school, he dedicated himself to his love of music.


Young Dolph has always had a passion for music. When his grandmother died in 2008, he was saddened. He started rapping as a way of expressing himself through music.

The success of the mixtape encouraged him to continue his musical education. His other mixtapes and songs over the years include “High-Class Street Music,” “A Time 2 Kill,” “Blue Magic,” “South Memphis Kingpin,” and “Felix Brothers.”

He contributed to “Cut it,” a successful song by O.T. Genasis from 2015 that peaked at number 35 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

His debut album, King of Memphis, was released in 2016. It was favorably received by the critics. It reached its commercial zenith at position 49 on the US Billboard 200.

The album he released after that, “Bulletproof,” debuted on the US Billboard 200 at number 36 in April 2017. Some of the singles on it included I Pray for My Enemies, But I’m Bulletproof, and 100 Shots.

He also released “Tracking Numbers” and “Thinking Out Loud” that year. The latter made it to number 16 on the US Billboard 200 while the former failed to chart at all. 

Young Dolph’s Total Net Worth

Young Dolph’s career earnings are projected to have totaled $6.5 million. Of that sum, it is anticipated that business-related expenses totaling $500,000 have been paid.

Due to Dolph’s residence in Tennessee, the remaining $6 million was subject to state taxes at a rate of about 40%. Only in 2021 did Tennessee abolish its state income tax. 

His career earnings are thought to be roughly $3.6 million after taxes, after paying $2.4 million in taxes.

Young Dolph had two kids despite never getting married. He probably spent $1 million of his career earnings on his personal affairs, but he also most likely has assets worth about $150,000, excluding investments.

He might have generated $100,000 in investment profits from his investments. Consequently, it is assumed that Young Dolph is worth $3 million, rounded up.

Famous Songs & Albums

  • 100 Shots (Song, 2017) 
  • Bulletproof (Album, 2017) 
  • Baby Joker (Song, 2019) 

Young Dolph Death

Young Dolph was the target of the dozens, and possibly even up to 100, bullets that were fired in Charlotte, North Carolina. He recovered from his injuries in the hospital for two weeks. 

Some said that the altercation between Yo Gotti and the rapper played a role in what transpired. Yo Gotti was first marked as a person of interest but was shortly released.

Young Dolph gave his second album, Bulletproof, that name in response to the experience.

On November 17, 2021, a gun incident tragically killed Young Dolph in Memphis, Tennessee.

Favorite Sayings From Young Dolph 

“Because it’s real music, and at the end of the day, it’s just excellent music. You’ll be successful if you write good music.. – Young Dolph

“Mmm … not much, as I already know that I enjoy music and that all of my friends do as well. Therefore, you provided them with new music after it was released and the public had a chance to get used to it. They simply enjoy having music because it is simple to quickly grow tired of new music.– Young Dolph 

Yes, I had no features planned for Bulletproof. But in the end, I covered it with Gucci Mane. Just my partner, there. He is merely one of my close buddies. He experiences the same things that my Memphis hometown boys do. I merely have a genuine personal connection.” – Young Dolph 

“Nah, you get it; I just adore music.” Simply put, listening to music alters your mood and frame of mind. I merely enjoy music. Every day, music is heard. There is no way to avoid it. No matter what you do, you will constantly hear music. – Young Dolph 

“I like it. It’s very cool and gives you a sense of being in the South. Knowing that you are in the South. The air is pleasant to breathe. All over the city, there are top-notch BBQs and fine dining establishments. Do you understand what I mean when I say it’s a good place? Although there are some places you must avoid, it is the same everywhere else in the world, understand what I mean? – Young Dolph 


Young Dolph’s net worth was $3 Million USD. Here, we give you all information related to celebrities, their net worth, early life, career, awards, and achievements. Hope you got all the updated information related to Young Dolph. If you have any recommendations, just comment with us.

Frequently Asks Questions

Who has been Young Dolph’s girlfriend for a while?

He was seeing Mia Jaye at the time.

Why did Young Dolph become wealthy?

His work as a rapper helped him amass his wealth.

What was the value of Young Dolph at the time of his passing?

He has a $3 million net worth.

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