Nas Daily Net Worth

Nas Daily Net Worth 2023

What is the Nas Daily Net Worth?

Net Worth $5.5 Million
Born February 9, 1992
Age 29 Years Old
Birthplace Arraba, Israel
Source of Wealth Professional Youtuber
Last Updated 2023


Nuseir Yassin is the real name of Nas Daily. He is an Israeli-born Arab vlogger. He is best

Known for his 1000 daily one-minute videos on his Facebook page, NAS DAILY. These videos are

Usually based on his life experiences as well as the people he meets and the places he visits

While traveling the world. He is one of the most famous vloggers in the world. He is very famous

For his energetic style of vlogging.

 According to Nas Academy, Nas Daily has a net worth of about $ 5 million. But one site’s data

Suggests his net worth be about $44.75million, as of 2023. These are just estimates, while Nas

Daily’s actual net worth is not known. 


 Nuseir was born on 9th February 1992 in Arraba, Israel. He identifies himself as

Palestinian-Israeli. He never revealed the names of his parents, but he told that his father

Is a psychologist and his mother is a teacher.


At the age of 19, Nusseir applied to Harvard University in America and got a scholarship.

There, he studied aerospace engineering, and later he also got a degree in economics in 2014.

Nas has also worked as a software developer for a mobile payment service owned by PayPal,

Called Venmo, and worked there for two almost two years.


Facebook Page:

 In 2016 after resigning from the job, He Nas decided to explore the globe. He started making

Videos of different kinds of people and places, while traveling the globe. This resulted in the

Creation of Nas Daily, a Facebook page owned by Nuseir. He uploaded 1000 videos in 1000, and all

Those videos were of 1 minute. Those 1 minute-long videos went viral around the world, and his

Facebook page just boomed within a short span of time. By September 2018, his page had over 8 million.

Followers. By November of the same year, this number had risen to over 10 million . And as of

January 2023, he has over 20 million followers on Facebook.

 Nas completed his target of 1000 daily videos on 5th January 2019. Then on 1st February 2019,

He again started making 1video/week and planned to upload videos for 100 weeks until the beginning

Of 2021.

Official YouTube Channel:

In May 2019, he started uploading his old videos on his official YouTube channel Nas Daily. His each

The one-minute video ended with the tagline: “That’s one minute, see you tomorrow!”. His YouTube

Channel also got great success. As of January 2023, Nas Daily has over 6.23 million subscribers.

He is one of the most-viewed creators on Facebook and Youtube. NAS Daily has gained

Enormous fan base. His concept of 1 minute-long videos and his video editing skills are the main

Reasons for his popularity.

After Nas Daily:

 Nas previously lived in Singapore, but currently resides in Dubai, UAE.

In 2020, Yassin created Nas Academy, an online educational platform for video creators. The mission of Nas Academy is to

Empower creators through technology.

Nas also set up Nas Studio, a video production studio.

He released a series of podcasts too.


 Nas Daily is one of the most famous vloggers in the world. He is an Israeli-Arab. He identifies

Himself as a Palestinian-Israeli. He studied at Harvard University, in the USA, and then moved to Singapore.

Currently, he lives in Dubai, UAE. The main reason for his popularity is his concept of one minute-videos

Of crazy and interesting people he met and places he visited, while traveling the world.

 As of January 2023, he has 6.23 million subscribers on YouTube and over 20 million followers on


 His net worth according to Nas Academy is about $5 million. And according to a site, his estimated

Net worth, as of the beginning of 2023, is about $44.75 million.

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