Max Fosh

Max Fosh Net Worth

What is Max Fosh Net Worth?

Net Worth: $500,000
Age: 27
Born: 1995
Country of Origin: England
Source of Wealth: YouTube
Last Updated: 2023

Max Fosh is a very famous British YouTuber, radio presenter, and social media influencer.

The reason for his popularity was his claims of becoming the richest person in the world for around 7 minutes. The name of the company that he founded is Unlimited Money Ltd. After some time, he decided to shut the company down.

As of 2023, Max Fosh net worth is around $500,000.

Early Life and Biography

Max Fosh was born on April 3, 1995, in England to England parents. Maximilian Arthur Fosh is his real name. Aries is his zodiac sign. From Harrow School in London, he did his high school graduation.

He also attended Newcastle University for higher education. He is of British ethnicity. Till now, he has not shared any information about his parents and siblings. He does not like to share information with the public.

His marital status is unmarried and he is single now. He has dated at lear two people in the past.

Max Fosh Age, Height & More

Max Fosh is 27 years old, as of 2023. He is 5 feet 11 inches and weighs around 72 Kg. He has dark brown hair along with brown eyes. The shoe size is 11.5 (US).

Max Fosh Company

Back a few years, Max applied for a company through the official government website. His company with 10 billion shares was accepted by the government. The name of his company is “Unlimited Money Ltd”.

He made a nine-minute-long video in which he tells the audience how he will become a billionaire. The plan was to sell each of his company’s shares for 50 pounds which would make the company worth 500 billion.

In the video, Fosh also goes to the streets for giving opportunities for investment to strangers. One person decided to buy one share of the company. He sent all the documents required for company valuation to the valuation advisor.

After two weeks, the valuation advisor told him that the company’s market cap is 500 billion pounds. He has been accused of fraud as the company generates no revenue.


Max Fosh started his YouTube career after his graduation. But, the channel was created in January 2016. The name of the channel was “StreetSmart”. He began uploading street interviews with strangers.

With this start, he was able to have a good kickstart to his YouTube career. In 2019, he decided to change the channel to Max Fosh so as to create a new form of content. At that time, he had around 55k subscribers.

By that year, he was able to double his subscribers. Due to the unique content, the videos started gaining millions of views. In Q2 2020, he could not put much content due to the pandemic.

“I Became The World’s Richest Man For 7 Minutes” is his latest video which is worldwide viral. The video has been able to gain over 800k views in four days. Now, he has over 647k subscribers with around 53 million total video views.

How does Max Fosh make net worth?

As of 2023, Max Fosh net worth is around $500,000.

The major source of his income is YouTube. The entire net worth is less than $1 million. Socialblade states that he earns around five million views per month. An estimated idea says that he is earning almost $12,000 per month from ads.

He also includes sponsored content in the videos. Throughout his career, he has worked with prodigious personalities like Curve and Pouch. The earnings from sponsorships are not known.


  • Newcomer Award at the National Hospital Radio Awards in 2018.
  • Standup comedy.
  • Lives in London, England.
  • Meeting with YouTubers like Niko Omilana.
  • Animal Lover.


As of 2023, Max Fosh net worth is around $500,000.

Max is a very popular YouTuber. His company is the reason of his popularity. He has been able to earn a lot from the ads. After joining Twitter in 2011, he has been able to gain more than 36k followers with around 1.1k+ tweets.

His Instagram account has more than 101k followers.

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