Kimberley Guilfoyle's Net Worth

Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Net Worth

What is the Kimberley Guilfoyle’s Net Worth?

Celebrity Name: Kimberley Guilfoyle
Date of Birth: March 9, 1969
Place of Birth: California, San Francisco
Height: 170 cm
Children: 1 (Ronan Anthony)
Occupation:  Lawyer, Journalist, Actress
Net Worth: $25 million

 A very admirable and handsome lady having a very successful media career is Kimberley Guilfoyle. This very pretty and beautiful lady is an American lawyer working on news channels having a net worth of $25 million.

The beauty and charm of the lady make her rule the hearts so she is dating Donald Trump Jr., but her fame and popularity were already created while she was working on Fox News as a host.

Her occupation and working of her is very amazing so she was invited by many famous networks like CNN ABC and Fox news.

On the fox news channel, this pretty lady is a co-host and the names of the channels are “The Five” and “Outnumbered”. In the Trump campaign official, her number is on the top.

Her Fame is also for being the ex-wife of a politician of California whose name was Gavin Newsom. From 2001 to 2006 they were married and in 2018 she started dating Donald Trump Jr.

Early Life and Biography 

The birth of this very beautiful and gorgeous celebrity took place on March 9, 1969, in the city of California named San Francisco. In the Mission District of San Francisco and in Westlake, the Daly City of California she brought up and spend her childhood.

The mother of Kimberly was a Puerto Rican special education instructor and her name was Mercedes.

The age at which her mother died was just 11 and she died of leukemia. Her father was a construction worker and real estate investor his name was Anthony Guilfoyle and died in 2008.

The father of this beautiful girl was born in Ennis country Clare in Ireland. When she was twenty years old her father traveled to the United States in 1957.

From the University of California Davis, she completed her graduation magna cum laude, and from the University of San Francisco School of Law, she received her degree of Juris Doctor in 1994.

The time at which she was in school she also started modeling along with her law degree. The lady of great interest in children’s rights and European Economic Community Law published her research when she was studying at Trinity College Dublin which is present in Ireland.

In 2001, this amazing lady was married to Gavin Newsom. Her husband of Kimberley was elected as mayor of San Francisco in the year 2003 and she became the first lady of San Francisco.

After her marriage to Newsom, she was called Kimberly Guilfoyle Newsom. On February 28, 2006, they went for divorce jointly due to clashes with each other.

In May 2006 she was married to furniture heir Eric Villency. This beautiful couple produced a son whose name was Ronan Anthony on October 4, 2006. In the same year, they announced their separation and divorced.

The news of the New York Times announced that Kimberley have a Covid-19 positive on July 4, 2020.

How did Kimberley Guilfoyle become so famous and how to make her Net Worth it?

After getting the law degree he started to work as a prosecutor in San Francisco. When the new district attorney Terence Hallinan fired the 14 prosecutors of the city in 1996, she lost her job.

After the incident, she traveled to Los Angeles where she worked as a Deputy District attorney for 4 years she worked there on cases of adult and Juvenile for national violence, narcotics, robbery kidnapping sexual assault, and homicide cases.

Due to her great work, she received awards several times including prosecutor of the month. The work Kimberly was so amazing and awesome that she was invited by a San Francisco District Attorney’s Office as an Assistant in 2000.

They great efforts and hardworking of her were so amazing that she became a member of the La Raza Lawyers Association in 2008.

In January 2004 she was traveled to New York City because her work was so attractive and invited by Court TV to host the program “Both Sides”.

On the Anderson Cooper 360, she also worked as a legal analyst. In 2006 she joined Fox News to host the program of the weekend show “The Lineup”.

After a year the show was abandoned but she remained working as a co-host for Fox news on the program “The Five” in 2011.

Much other news and TV channels invited her to become a host there and she started permanently hosting the show “Outnumbered” in 2014.

Instead of signing a long-term contract with Fox News in June 2017, she canceled it in July 2018.

After this, the news displayed that she began to start working as a press secretary for Donald Trump in December 2016.

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