Edward Snowden Net Worth

Edward Snowden Net Worth

What is the Edward Snowden Net Worth?

Net Worth USD $500,000
Age 39
Birth Date June 21, 1983
Country The United States of America
Profession Analyst, Whistleblower
Last Updated 2023

Edward Snowden had been a worker at the Central Intelligence Agency. He additionally functioned as a subcontractor there. He was a typical worker until 2013 after he replicated and released some profoundly ordered data from the NSA.

For this demonstration, his nation of origin is seeking after him on criminal allegations. His activities have encouraged an extraordinary worldwide discussion on security and observation. They have additionally prompted notable decisions on security and changes in approaches and innovations.

His spilled data uncovered a ton of projects running by the NSA. Aside from these worldwide reconnaissance programs, his divulgence additionally referenced the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance, done in an organization with the European government and telecom organizations.

He gave for spilling exceptionally ordered data from the ‘NSA’ on the grounds that the NSA’s ‘rehearsals were upsetting.’

He additionally said that it was the correct thing to do to show the world what the knowledge office was doing. He uncovered that ‘NSA’ was engaged in some homegrown observation rehearses, which he thought were encroachments of security. He then, at that point, went through quite a long while gathering proof.

Snowden, stressing his well-being, escaped to Hong Kong and met with a correspondent from ‘The Guardian’ to get his discoveries printed. His disclosure prompted discussions and social conversations on public safety just as individual security.

Edward Snowden’s net worth is around $500,000 as of 2022.

Early Life and Biography

Edward Joseph Snowden was brought into the world on June 21, 1983, in Elizabeth City, North

Carolina. Edward Snowden said that he had expected to work for the central government, as had the remainder of his family. His folks separated in 2001, and his dad remarried. Snowden scored over 145 on two separate IQ tests.

In the mid-1990s, while still in grade school, Snowden moved with his family to the space of Fort Meade, Maryland. Mononucleosis made him miss secondary school for right around nine months. Rather than getting back to school, he passed the GED test and took classes at Anne Arundel Community College.

Official Name Edward Snowden
Father’s Name Lonnie Snowden
Mother’s Name Elizabeth Snowden
Sibling Jessica Snowden
Spouse Lindsay Mills

Claim to Fame

The leaks happened in Hong Kong after Snowden took sick leave from the NSA office in Hawaii. There, he met with writers from The Guardian and gave somewhere in the range of 9,000 and 10,000 spilled records.

Among the numerous disclosures Snowden uncovered was PRISM, an NSA program that permitted the public authority to get information from Google and Yahoo, and also a mysterious court request compelling Verizon to give information to the NSA.

Snowden additionally gave data on the activities of the Canadian, British, and Australian NSA partners. In spite of the fact that he was initially attempting to stay mysterious, Snowden concluded that he was doing nothing incorrectly and left his personality alone revealed.

Today, he is both a saint in certain eyes and a criminal in others. Following the breaks, he was accused of surveillance, however, Snowden got away from preliminary and stays a famous figure around the world.

Indeed, in 2016, a biographical film was delivered called “Snowden,” and Snowden himself has gotten a few honors from around the world.

Appraisals by various security associations trust Snowden has up to 200,000 NSA archives,

15,000 Australian knowledge records, 58,000 British insight records, and 900,000 US Department of Defense reports. Snowden is as yet an amazing wellspring of breaks, and a lot more disclosures about the degree of reconnaissance will become known later on.


Edward Snowden’s claim to fame was as unexpected for him as it was for the remainder of America. His situation as a safety officer drove him into the CIA, and subsequent to finding a new line of work in the CIA, and later the NSA, Snowden found far and wide and outrageous defilement inside a few government observation offices.

Rather than concealing the data, Snowden started downloading a great many reports, and in 2013, he uncovered reality to the world.

The US attempted to get Snowden for injustice, however, the public authority of Hong Kong permitted Snowden to get away to Russia, where he has had the option to remain since.

Edward Snowden’s net worth is estimated to be $500,000 as of 2022.

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