Eddie Farah Net Worth

Eddie Farah Net Worth

Eddie Farah is a renowned personal injury attorney in Jacksonville. Eddie is a founding partner at Farah & Farah since 1980. Their firm mostly focuses on client satisfaction and defending their cases. Hard worker, cooperative family background, and unite his team tightly. Eddie Farah’s Net Worth is approximately $4 Million USD. For the last 42 years, he is doing day & night work and become a millionaire at the age of 68.

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Eddie Farah was born on 21st January 1954 in Jacksonville, Florida, United States. His brother Chuck Farah and Eddie grew up as active members of the Arab-Christian Community. He is a talented student in education and got an undergraduate degree from the University of Florida, Gainesville. He also studied at Samford University (Cumberland School of Law in Birmingham, Alabama). In 1979, he earned his graduated degree in Doctor of Law.


After getting his degree of graduation he started his own firm in 1979 which was a law firm. Because he achieved a Doctor of Law degree. Eddie started from a rent office based at Florida Theatre. After 11 years he joins his brother Chuck Farah. So they give the name Farah & Farah Law Firm. Both did great work and achieved their goals fastly. Their more progress in Southbank. In 1998, both Eddie & Chuck invest an amount of $5 Million in the rehabilitation of a historic building.

The building was a departmental store type and after the renovation, it become the headquarter of Farah & Farah Firm. Building based on three floors. The major role of this firm is to facilitate injury cases.

Moreover, they add more categories to their business and enhance it by giving services related to Medical Injury Cases, worker’s compensation cases, social disability cases, vehicle slips, and fall accident services are offered under one roof.

Both are experts in their own fields and master in defending different types of cases. Eddie has a specialty in Civil Litigation cases like wrongful death cases and insurance cases. He has also expertise in auto negligence cases and premises liability cases.

Eddie Farah’s Net Worth

Eddie works with his brother Chuck and both earned a lot of revenue annually. Eddie Farah’s Net Worth is approximately $4 Million in 2022. Eddie was the founder of his firm known as Farah & Farah. The motive of the firm is to defend the cases and give complete solutions to the customers related to injury cases.

Also, both are running a YouTube channel on the base of a law firm started on October 17, 2018, and earn a lot of f revenue from this platform. About 500 videos have been uploaded with 1.5 million views.

Eddie Personal Life

Reem is married to Eddie Farah. Both have 3 daughters and a son. Dalya Farah is their first daughter who graduated from Vanderbilt University Law School. Eddie also got the Best Lawyer vote by Jacksonville’s Folio Weekly.

Along with this Eddie runs charitable organizations like Jacksonville Area Legal Aid and Farah’s Readers Are Leaders. An interesting fact about Eddie is that he is also a famous radio host on different radio shows.

His weekly show title is “The Consumer Law Hour” on Jacksonville’s WOKY Station.

In this Woky station, he hosts a radio show with his brother Chuck and discusses legal matters. In this show, they take different questions from the listeners and discuss the matter in a very easy way, which is understandable to the listeners.

Eddie Farah Height, Weight & Body Measurements

There is no updated record related to Body Measurements, Height, and Weight

Awards and Achievements

Eddie Farah is a famous member of:

  • The Florida Bar
  • The Jacksonville Bar Association
  • The Association of Trial Lawyers of America
  • The Academy of Florida Trial Lawyers

Social Media Profiles

You can also visit his social media profiles to know about him and get more updated information about Eddie’s services. Eddie has profiles on different social media platforms you can also follow him on Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and the official website.


Hope you have got all information related to Eddie Farah and his net worth. He is a founding partner at Farah & Farah. He worked with his brother Chuck. Eddie’s profession is a personal injury attorney and gives services to customers related to injury cases. He got an education as a Doctor of Law.

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