Chris Hadfield Net Worth

Chris Hadfield Net Worth

What is the Chris Hadfield Net Worth?

Celebrity Name: Chris Hadfield
Real Name: Chris Austin Hadfield
Age: 61 years old
Date of Birth: August 29, 1959
Place of Birth: Sarnia, Ontario, Canada
Height: 1.82 m
Weight: 70 Kg
Wife: Helene Hadfield
Children: Three (Kristen Hadfield, Evan Hadfield, and Kyle Hadfield)
Occupation:  Astronaut
Net Worth: $2 million

The man with so much talent and skills that would make him an astronaut was Chris Hadfield. If we talk about the astronauts of Canada, he was the first person who traveled to space.

The motivation he got to become an astronaut was the Apollo 11 that landed on the moon. Due to his ability to sing it was said that when he was in space he sang well, and his fellows also praised him as the best space singer.

The great person was also a mechanical engineer by the occupation and also a great expert in science. Because of all these inspirations, he joined the Canadian Air Force as a fighter pilot and after that, he also joined the Canadian Space Station.

After the joining of the Space Station, only three years passed, and he started flying into space. His contributions of him toward the greatness that is required to become an astronaut and because of this he was selected by NASA.

Many people were attracted to him and many TV shows invited him, and he was also great being followed on social media.

Due to his great interest in singing, he has his own YouTube channel which was on music.

It is not easy for an astronaut to become very famous and popular among the people, but this great Astronaut came into the public eye due to his talent and skill for singing and that was a real fact in his popularity.

Early life and Biography 

The birth of this amazing celebrity took place on August 29, 1959, and the place of his birth was Sarnia Ontario in Canada. He was born as a second child in his family and also had an elder brother whose name was David Hadfield.

From childhood, he had a great interest in singing that’s why he was a Canadian singer and also a songwriter. The name of his father was Roger Hadfield and the name of his mother was Eleanor Hadfield. When he was very young, he had a great passion for flying.

The age at which he decided to become an astronaut in the future was just nine because he was too much motivated and inspired when he watched astronauts on TV and the great inspiration for him was the landing of Apollo 11.

In singing, he was greatly interested, and he also took this singing habit along with him to become an astronaut which was his desire.

A very inspirational person before becoming a fighter pilot was a sky instructor.

The White Oaks secondary school in Oakville, Ontario was the first place of his educational career. Later he joined Milton District High School where he completed his graduation. After the completion of his graduate degree, he joined the Air Force.

The very beautiful girl who met him in his high school life and also, they loved each other. The name of his girlfriend was Helene.

In 1981 he married his love. This very beautiful couple had three children one daughter and two sons.

The name of their daughter was Kristen Hadfield and she was a doctor by profession. The name of his sons was Evan Hadfield and Kyle Hadfield.

How did Chris Hadfield become so famous and how to make Net worth it?

At the age of only 15, he received the scholarship of glider pilot Royal Canadian Air Cadets. After joining the Canadian Air Force, he spent his time at the Military College where he achieved a mechanical engineering degree.

At the US Air Force Test Pilot School, he took the training to fly tactical fighter planes and studied as an exchange program part.

From the University of Tennessee Space Institute, he achieved a master’s degree in aviation systems. At this time, he almost flew different kinds of 75 aircraft.

This great astronaut was chosen as one of the four astronauts of Canada and that was the starting of his successful career. In November 1995, Hadfield was appointed as a mission specialist on STS-74.

In many developments of space stations, he participated very effectively. Due to his very great ability, about 25 missions NASA were headed by him.

For the three years from 2001 to 2003, he was the Director of NASA Operation at Yuri Gagarin Cosmonauts Training Centre GCTC in Star City of Russia.

Their great skills and talent made him the head of Robotics for NASA and director of international space station operations. In 2013 at the age of 35, he got the retirement.

In 1996 he was awarded the Order of Ontario. In 2001 he achieved the Vanier award. In 2002 he got the award of NASA Exceptional Service Medal and Golden Jubilee Medal. In 2012 he was rewarded with Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Medal.

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