Chiara Ferragni Net Worth

Chiara Ferragni Net Worth

What is the Chiara Ferragni Net Worth?

NET WORTH $10 Million
Full name Chiara Ferragni
Date of Birth May 07, 1987
Place of Birth Cremona, Italy, Europe
Parents Macro Ferragni and Marina Di Guardo
Siblings Francesca
Spouse N/A
Profession YouTuber
Height 178cm
Weight 55 Kg

Most famous celebrities are very creative in the world. All the best influences create what people will eat, drink and wear in the harshest and hard situations. Just one post on Instagram or any social media platform will influence people very much.

Besides this impact, different celebrities are making money along the way, yet this is not all. All the famous celebrities, almost, will tell the people that they had a very hard time during their entire life. Different celebrities who started their career for the first time will tell that they had to face very harsh conditions during their career.

Influences can create what is famous, and set the trends which are very famous in the present times. They all live a dream life and we must not forget about those who had been the first. Chiara Ferragni is also among those who influenced the people in very early stages of life.

How much is Chiara Ferragni’s net worth? What makes it so successful? This article will answer these questions. She is very famous because of her fashion blog, The Blonde Salad. Her popularity can be judged through the research taken by Harvard Business Review.

They studied the case study, based on a fashion influencer. During her career, she had also worked with famous brands like Gucci and Guess.

Early Life and Biography

Chiara Ferrigno was born on May 07, 1987, in Cremona, Italy, Europe. Her father, Macro Ferragni, had been a dentist, while her mother, Marina Di Guardo, had been a famous writer. Her passion for fashion came from her mother, who was a very fashionable lady with an attractive and elegant look.

She is of Sicilian descent from her mother’s side and a Lombardy from her father’s side. During her childhood, she had been very happy and she spent her childhood with her two younger sisters.

Her two sisters’ names are Francesca, who is a dentist, and the other sister is Valentina, who is a famous fitness star. Just at the age of 16, she started working as a model, and she also signed for the famous ‘Beatrice Models’ which is a famous agency in Milan.

During her career, she was also attracted to other things too and she had the looks of a great model, but she relinquished them for other things.

Awards and Achievements

Chiara started her career as a fashion blogger, and just in 2007, she became active on the Flickr platform and poster her outfits daily, for a few times a day. After becoming very popular, she began to attract very many followers.

At that time she recognized that she could do this as a job, and she started doing business, soon, and she could earn very much money from the business. In the next few years, she created her fashion blog named ‘The Blonde Salad’.

This all happened in 2009, and this step was very much logical because many people started reading this on a daily and regular basis. Once, she said that she started the blog when there was not anyone who had any slight thoughts about this profession.

On her blog, she talks about several things like fashion, beauty, and travel, and these are the things that we need but cannot have, but she gives us experience about these things.

The most interesting thing about her career was that she did not give her education up and she had been a very elegant student at the University of Bocconi.

In the same year, she began to have 1 million visitors on her blog, and she also had 10 million people that visited her channel. In 2013, she published her e-book by the name ‘The Blonde Salad’ in the Italian language.

In the same year, she got a request from the fashion brand ‘Guess’ to become their model for a winter campaign. In 2014, she also collaborated with Steve Madden.

China also presented the Italian Awards that were broadcasted on television, while she also performed in an entertainment show called ‘Chiambretti night’.

Chiara, because of her popularity, also attended the Cannes Film Festival, which was a premiere of a film called ‘We have Hope’. In Project Runway, in 2014, she had been the judge and this episode was called ‘Rock the Wedding’.

How to make net worth and How did Chiara make net worth?

Chiara received her income mostly from her collection of footwear in 2014. She had also crossed the number of 10 million followers on Instagram in 2011 and used the hashtag #TheBlondeSaladNeverStops.

According to the data, one of her posts on Instagram is worth almost $12,000. Most wealth also comes from her show collection named ‘Chiara Ferragni Collection’.

All these are available in 200 stores in 25 countries across the entire universe. The estimated idea about Chiara Ferragni’s net worth is around $10 million, as of 2021.

What makes it so successful?

Chiara had been in a long relationship with Riccardo Pozzoli. Riccardo is a famous and successful businessman and an entrepreneur, and due to this reason, he helped her make her own business successful.

They are still business partners, if not emotional partners. In 2014, she also engaged American photographer, Andrew Arthur, who is from Los Angeles. Their relationship lasted for a long time.

Fedez who is a famous Italian rapper and music producer also engaged with her for some time. He had been one of the best judges on an Italian talent show.

They both got engaged during his concert in Verona. Chiara married Fedez on September 01, 2018, and the ceremony took place in Sicily.

Her wedding dress was also very famous it was designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri and it almost took 1600 hours of labor to craft.

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