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What is the Brian Regan’s Net Worth?

Name  Brain Regan
Real Name Brain Joseph Regan
Date of birth  June 2, 1958
Place of birth Miami in Florida
Gender  Male
Net worth  $ 7 million

Brain Regan is a person of America who becomes famous for his Stand-up comedy, writing, and acting skills. His acting was very amazing that’s the reason he is known as a clean comedian in the whole country.

He performs every joke in the sense of manner that everyone can understand and this makes him so famous. The use of self-deprecating comedy, massage language, and body expression makes people more attractive to him.

Early Life and Biography:

The real name of Brain Regan is Brain Joseph Regan. He was born in Miami in Florida on June 2, 1958. The parent of his have 8 children and he is one of them.

Their brother of Brain is also a stand-up comedian with him. The great man for Regan are Steve Martin, Johnny Carson, and The Smothers brothers

In the dear of Florida which is well known as Miami Dade area. He graduated from Christopher Columbus high school which is the most famous school in the Dade area.

His father was an accountant in a bank in Miami so Regan want to be like his father so he joins in Ohio College of Heidelberg which is the most popular college in Miami.

The brain has an interest in football so he joins the football team of his college and play football. As with time, his coaches saw his comedy skills in it and encourage him to do any comedy scene and force him to take part in a college concert.

He was not a good player in football so he was not qualified for the final team. So, his coaches advise him to do stand-up comedy.

The Brain and his brother decide together to do this stand-up Comedy. So, ho decide to leave his study in his last semester and start his career in stand-up comedy in 1980.


The comedy club was famous for its comedy all over the whole country and Brain Regan decided to join this club and start working as a straight comedian in this club.

The show “Pet Sajak Show” was a famous shoe at that time and he perform his acting in this show and this make him so famous in 1989.

The most popular show of that time is “The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson” and he got a chance to show his best acting skills in 1991. It is the dream of Brain Regan to perform in this show.

The comedy of Brain became very popular among all people of Miami. His comedy was posted with the name “Something’s Wrong with the Regan boy” and this got so much fame in the whole country.

The CDs were very sold at that time. So, Regan start publishing his comedy on CDs in 1997. After receiving a good response from the public, he do his show “I Walked on the Moon” record it and posted it by himself in 2004 in the form of a DVD

Animated stories were more popular people at that time so Regan requested Comedy central to do this animated stories like “Shorties Watch in Shorties”

Show Career:

The most famous show of 2015 “The Late Show with David Letterman” and the Brain Regan perform this show more than 30 times and it is enough for other comedians. The brain become popular very soon because his acting was very amazing and people liked him more.

The Regan signed in with comedy central to perform a one-hour special comedy show which was very hit in the whole city and this was published on DVD in 2007.

In this deal, Brain performs live concerts through comedy central events and is also recorded and released on DVD.

       He perform a concert and record it then release it with the name “All by myself” on DVDs on Amazon in 2011. This DVD sold very much in-country and earn $902.81 and this was also posted on the website by him and he earn $12.99.

Brian Regan’s Net Worth:

The net worth of Brain Regan is about 7 million. He became most famous due to his self-devotion and his interest in his work made it most popular all over the world.

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