Bob Ross's net worth

Bob Ross’s Net Worth

What is the Bob Ross’s Net Worth?

Celebrity Name: Bob Ross
Real Name: Robert Norman Ross
Age: 52 years old
Date of Birth: 29 October 1942
Date of Death July 4, 1995
Place of Birth: Daytona Beach, Florida, United States
Height: 1.88 m
Weight: 75 Kg
Wife: Lynda Brown, Jane Ross, and Vivian Ridge
Children: Steve Ross
Occupation:  Painter, instructor, and television host
Net Worth: $6 million

The famous and amazing personality of America who was not only a painter but also an instructor of painting was Bob Ross. The real name of Bob rose was Robert Norman Ross.

While he was in the US Air Force, he started his painting career and at that time he drew mostly paintings of landscapes. This inspiring painter became very famous for his shows and the name of his show was the joy of painting.

Many people from the show of Bob Ross learned about a painting by consuming the techniques of wet on wet. Over the internet, Bob Ross was a very famous figure among the printers even after his death and he still remained popular for about 200 years.

To gain a loyal audience for him Bob Ross simplified the art of painting and he was painting armed with a cool demeanor and a reassuring tone.

From the painting of Bob Ross, the people who had never held a paintbrush were inspired and they now believed that they had artistic skills.

A company was also created by him and many guide books and videos were produced by that company on the painting.

Early Life and Biography 

The very amazing and inspiring painter was born in Daytona Beach on October 29, 1942. The place of his city was Florida which was present in the United States.

The father of Bob Ross was a carpenter and his mother a waitress.  The name of his mother was Ollie Ross and the name of his father was Jack.

This beautiful painter also had a half-brother whose name was Jim. From the time of his childhood, Bob Ross was a lover of animals and he used to care for snakes, alligators and armadillos too add this is said by many people.

The peapod was the name of the squirrel of him and this squirrel was also along with him in many episodes of shows.

At the time of his school instead of studying, he left the school and went to carpentry to help his father, and during the carpentry, lost a portion of his index finger when he was using the table saw.


In the United States, Air Force Bob Ross was enlisted in 1961 as medical records technician and there he spent about 20 years of his life.

At the time of his life in the Air Force, he was posted to the base whose name was Eielson and it was present in Alaska.

This is the base from which he started taking the classes of painting. While taking the classes Bob Ross was dissatisfied and realize that his instructors were only teaching about the Abstract terms without really teaching students how to paint.

The TV show named The Magic of oil painting was held by Bill Alexander and there taught Alla Prima’s painting style this is the show which made Bob Ross very impressed and inspired.

The paintings of Bob Ross were very attractive and gorgeous, and he became the master of that painting style, and this led to earning a lot of money.

He then went to Florida where he studied Bill Alexander’s paintings and also joined his company. One of their friends of Bob Ross advised him to start his own company and they succeeded.

This company slowly got popularity, and this is the way for him to host a TV show. The show which became very famous and popular was named the joy of painting and was hosted by him from 1983 to 1994.

This amazing show was broadcast on the PBS channel and also became very successful. The firm Bob Ross Inc. Was established by him and through this, he supplied his paintings and marketed his painting class techniques and many tutorial books were written in the name of Bob Ross method.

The paintings of Bob Ross were also given to PBS stations after his death.

Early life Biography:

When we talk about the personal life of Bob Ross, we come to know that Bob married his first beautiful wife in 1865 whose name was Vivian Ridge. This beautiful couple had a beautiful son whose name was Steven Ross.

The son of Bob Ross was also a talented painter and in many episodes of his father’s show, he gave the company.

In the year 1977, he divorced his first wife and married another pretty girl named Jane 1977. The second pretty wife of Bob Ross died due to cancer in 1992.

Another gorgeous lady named Lynda Brown became his third wife of him in 1995. After spending the two months of his marriage with his third wife he died of Lymphoma.

Net worth 

This amazing painter had a net worth of $6 million. On many social grounds like Netflix, YouTube, and Twitch. tv, the episodes of these personality shows are available now.

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