Andy Weir's net worth

Andy Weir’s Net Worth

How much is Andy Weir’s net worth?

Net Worth The US $55 Million
Age 49 Years
Birth Date June 16, 1972
Country The United States of America
Profession Professional Novelist
Last Updated 2023

Andrew Taylor Weir is an American writer and software engineer who became famous after the publication of his first novel, The Martian. served as the inspiration for the film adaptation of the same name directed by Ridley Scott with Matt Damon in the title role.

In addition to having millions of fans around the world, Andy has also won numerous awards, the most prestigious of which is the John W. Campbell Award for Best New Writer.

Andy Weir’s net worth is estimated to be US$55 Million as of 2021.

Early Life and Biography

Weir was born on June 16, 1972, and grew up in Milpitas, California. His father is a physicist and his mother is an electrical engineer. He is the only child, and his parents divorced when he was eight years old.

Weir grew up reading classic science fiction novels, such as the works of Arthur C. Clark and Isaac Asimov. At the age of 15, he started his career working as a computer programmer at Sandia National Laboratory.

After graduating from high school, Will studied computer science at the University of California, San Diego, although he did not graduate. He has worked as a programmer for several software companies such as AOL, MobileIron, and Blizzard, Palm, where he participated in the Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness video game.

Sibling N/A
Spouse Ashley

How Did Andy Weir Get So Wealthy?

Andy Weir was rich in his early thirties thanks to large investments in multi-million dollar software companies. Working as a software engineer and programmer, he began writing science fiction novels. He has published most of his work on his website and has also created an ebook called Case & Andy, which contains various virtual versions created by mad scientists.

By the late 2000s, her full-time job and extra income were over $5000. In 2008, the artist started working on the wonderful webtoon “Cheshire Crossing”. The webtoon contains articles such as “Alice in Wonderland”, “Mary Poppins”, “Peter Pan”, and “The Wizard of Oz”. In August 2009 Andy released his first short story, The Egg.

He earned millions of dollars in 2011 after the publication of the historical novel “The Martian”. The science fiction novel quickly became a New York Times bestseller, selling millions of copies within a few months. At the time, his net worth was about $10 million. Today, it has surpassed $50 million.

Why Is Andy So Famous?

Andy became renowned for his many exciting books. His dad was a gas pedal physicist and his mom filled in as an electrical specialist. He burned through the vast majority of his youth pursuing different creators. He has expressed on numerous occasions that a portion of his top picks and greatest motivations from his preadolescent and young adult years are Arthur C. Clarke and Isaac Asimov.

At the point when he was 15, Weir acquired an interest in programming and science. After he moved on from Rancho Junior High School, he went to the University of California, San Diego. Regardless of his enthusiasm for software engineering, he didn’t graduate and rather started working in his mid-twenties.

He invested the majority of his energy filling in as a developer for some grounded programming organizations like AOL, Blizzard, MobileIron, and Palm. During his time in Blizzard, he likewise dealt with the formation of the computer game “Warcraft II: The Tides of Darkness”.


Andy Weir spent a major part of his life working as a software engineer and architect. In the early long periods of the new thousand years, he fostered an interest recorded as hard copy books and turned into an author. Just after the arrival of his introduction novel, he became probably the most affluent creator on the planet. Aside from “The Martian”, he’s likewise the creator of “Artemis”, and is relied upon to deliver his third novel named “Task Hail Mary” in 2021.

Andy Weir’s net worth is around US$55 Million as of 2021 and will arise over time due to his investments.

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