Amber Najm Net worth

Amber Najm Net Worth

What is the Amber Najm Net Worth?

Name Amber Najm
Real Name Amber Michelle Wyatt
Birthplace Tallahassee, Florida
Birthday 13 April 1981
Nationality American
Age 41 years
Net worth $10 Million
Zodiac sign Aries
Marital status Married
Spouse T-Pain
Height 5’4″
Weight 65kg
Hair color Dark brown
Eye color Brown
Instagram @painzgirl
Facebook Nil
Twitter @painzgirl


Amber Najam is a rapper and a star in the musical industry. Now she was announced as the first lady of the T-pain Empire.

She is a helper who helps as a boss and guides all the students and new musicians in his life.

The main reason for joining the t-pain Empire is that the boss of this empire was named T-pain and she loved him very much and then they decided to work together.

They work together and perform many shows together in which they perform very amazing performances that make them more famous among people.

Her name was known as a very loving wife and very caring of her children.

Now we talk about his early life and we write this article to share our knowledge about her with you. We will tell you all the facts and information about her.

Early life:

A sweet baby e which is born to very talented parents Tony Wyatt and Gina Shirley Pinero is Amber Najm.

Her parents were very talented as she was more talented than her parents. She belongs to a military family and wants to become a soldier.

The sisters Andrea and Justin help her to grow up and become a soldier in his life. She spent most of her life with her family.

Their education career of Amber was started with her early education and she got early education from the most famous School satellite High School in the year of 1991.

The Air Force profession of Amber was started in 2001 to 2005. To complete her aim she joined the most popular university Florida A&M University of that time.

The education of Amber makes him the most popular university overall. She completed her education and topped the whole university.

Amber’s father was a soldier in the military and she grew up seeing her father in every field of life she followed her father so she wanted to be a soldier.


She worked hard to achieve her goal. This beautiful lady wants to be a soldier in the air force of America. So, she decided to join the Air Force. She prepared herself for military tasks and she successfully passed this test at only 20 years of age she started her job in the Air Force of America as a Soldier.


The real Fame of Amber is due to her husband, who is a great American rapper and a big founder of his band T-pain.

Personal life:

Now, we talk about Amber Najm’s personal life and we talked about her husband and children.

Amber Najam married a famous American rapper of America but she does not have much interest in singing because she follows her parents and she becomes a soldier in his life at the age of 20 years.

It is time to talk about the children of Amber. There are 3 children of Amber. Next line we share the name of her children of which two are boys and one girl.

The name of her children is given below the first name is her elder daughter Lyriq Najm. The daughter of Amber was born on 14th March 2004. The other two names are Muziq and kaydan kodah.

One son Muziq was born on 24th January 2007. As the other son was born on 29th April 2009.

Now we talk about her husband’s age. Her husband is 4 years older than her. The name of her husband is T Pain.

Social media:

She is crazy about her social media accounts. She posted her all moments on social media that everyone enjoy moments with her life and many fans liked her posts.

Age Weight and Height:

The age of your favorite Idol Amber is about 40 years as she was born on April 13, 1981. The height of a very beautiful military girl is about 5 feet and her weight is 54 kg.

Net worth:

The net worth of a very talented and famous girl is about $10 million. The main source of her income is her job and another source of income is coming from his social media activities.

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