Aaayyyaaaa Net Worth

What is the Aaayyyaaaa Net Worth?

Name: Aya Tanjali
Nickname: Aaayyyaaaa-
Networth: $200,000
Hobbies: Dancing, Singing, And Acting
Relationship: Single
Birthday: April 24, 2007
Age: 14 Years
Gender: Female
Nationality: American
Ethnicity: African-American
Profession: TikTok Star
Instagram: aaayyyaaaa._
Tiktok: aaayyyaaaa_
Religion: Christianity

aaayyyaaaa is an Amercian TikToker celebrity girl. She is a model and a great dancer. She is the well-known little guy on TikTok and her user name on TikTok is aaayyyaaaa. Her real name is introduced and placed before.

Why is she so Famous?

Everybody uses their talent or ability to become more prominent on social media. But this guy is very interesting. She is not so young but her talent makes her popular. Due to her short comedy videos, her short videos of dances, and lips syncs she is so prominent on TikTok.

She shares her confidence with her fans and they appreciate her talent. Her rated videos become more and more popular day by day.


The curly blacked hair famous girl on TikTok. She is best known for her short comedy videos and inspires people with confidence. Not only this but she also does dance and lips syncs. Like other celebrities, she also likes to post her videos and images on Instagram.

She has more than 177k followers on her Instagram id. Over a million followers and more than 45 million likes on TikTok videos.

Height and Weight:

Similarly, her height is approximately 4 feet 7 inches. In centimeters 140cm. And weight is approximately 50kg (111) lbs.

Physical Appearance:

She has a very good-looking and gorgeous personality. As well as she is very young and also hot. She has curly black hair. Her personality is very attractive. She has very really big eyes.  Her eyes color is dark brown. Everything is on one side nobody she looks like a doll.


In August 2020 she posted a TikTok video for the first time on TikTok. She uses her talent and people take interest in her videos. Her funny and dancing videos make her more prominent among the people.  In 2020, her net worth is approximately $100,000 (USD). But now her net worth is around about $200,000 (USD).

Some Facts About aaayyyaaaa:

Following are the facts of aaayyyaaaa,

Everybody had their hobbies. Similarly, her hobbies are dancing and singing. Her date of birth is April 24, 2007. She was born in Austin. Her mother and father’s names are not known well. Her mother helps in every case.

With her mother, she posted many videos. She is very close to her mom. With her mother, she posted a TikTok on May 21, 2020. And she posted a video on TikTok on August 11, 2020. She loves pets very much.

You tube Channel:

First of all, she has made a name on TikTok. She posts her short comedy videos and her dancing videos on TikTok. Then she introduces herself on Instagram like other celebrities. She posts her pics and modeling ideas on TikTok. Now she also had a youtube channel and her subscriber on youtube are 30k+. Her performance is very interesting. She impresses many peoples due to her videos and skills.


She is very young at this time and she impresses any guy. But she is single at this time. She shared a photo of a boy on her Instagram id. Many peoples are assured about this post. Some argued this boy is her boyfriend and some argued her brother.

But according to social media, she has only one sister, and her name is not mentioned in view of detail. Her mother helps in her act. But not mentioned the details and name of her father in her personal view. She is just focusing on her studies and career at this time.


Education is very important for every man but there is no discussion about her study level. According to her age, I think she reads in high school because every man gets an education for a better life and this guy is very outlook and confident.

Family and Background:

She has only one sister and is very close to her mother.  Her mother’s name is not mentioned well but she helps in every case. Nobody knows her father’s name and nothing is about to tell her father. Each and everything is mentioned about her life. Nothing is about to share anything with you..

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